Recent PortNYNJAlerts

Due to a watermain break on Export St, all Newark-side tenants may experience low or no water pressure UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE.

The overturned truck at Outer Port St has been CLEARED.

Please be advised there is an overturned trailer at Outer Port St. Please follow instructions of PAPD.

Please be advised that Hurricane Season has arrived and this is a good time for everyone to evaluate and update your Hurricane and Business Continuity Plans. All tenants are reminded to: 1. Conduct a survey of leased areas to determine what actions are necessary to minimize property damage and operational interruptions. 2. Tenants should identify any potential problems with hazardous material storage areas and take action accordingly. (It is requested that hazardous material storage areas be identified, and their locations provided to the Port Authority prior to the arrival of any storms.) 3. Ensure that appropriate emergency supplies (sand bags, plastic sheeting, masking tape, plywood, etc.) are in stock and available in the event of a storm. 4. Develop a list of critical staff and provide a copy to the Port Authority. 5. The Port Authority will communicate weather related information that may affect the port to our tenants throughout the hurricane season.

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